Corona Crisis will have widespread and long lasting impacts but this is where nations and states can show who they are and how they deal with crisis.

The graph shows the number of newly registered unemployed from March 9 to March 24 in each of the years 2015-2020.
Source: The Board of Labor Market and Recruitment

Recognizing the evil! The Afghan Dilemma

August 15, 2021, is one of those days which reveals the intentions of the US and West for the world. The fall of Kabul was inevitable as the US and Western forces have never intended to empower the people of Afghanistan, flourishing democracy, or depend on women’s rights rather the then mighty and irate US…

The adjusted Danish Citizenship rules! Bigotry continues and so do our struggle!

On 20th April, 2021, Social Democrats along with Venstre, Liberal Alliance and Conservative signed an agreement regarding obtaining Danish citizenship via naturalisation. The agreement entailed number of unfair, discriminatory and racist rules. Danish Green Card Association and Green Human Recourses have from day one criticised these rules and called upon all the parties and MPs…

Nawaz Lost job due to corona last year! Now he will get a 3rd rejection letter from Danish immigration due to new work requirement for citizenship applied retroactively

Denmark has now for years been one of the most strict countries for highly skilled professionals and immigrants due to its ever changing and tough immigration policies. According to a 2017 Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science assessment, 80 percent of foreign graduates from Danish universities leave Denmark within two years of their graduation.…

An open letter to Danish Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye; It will be a dictatorial directive to implement new citizenship laws on those who have already applied a year ago

Dear Mattias Tesfaye, Every human being has the right to a fair and free chance to survive and grow. These rights are not only guaranteed in the Danish constitution but recognised by UN Human Rights Conventions and EU directives. Over the last few years various Danish governments has been breaching the equal opportunity rights of…

Denmark new tighten citizenship requirements are discriminatory and racist

After four long years of Venstre and far right parties government (2015-2019), Danes thought it would be a breathe of fresh air after the Danish Social Democrats took over the office in 2019 but it gets even worse. From introducing new tough immigrations laws to striping Syrian refugees residency permits and now these new strict…

A final tribute to my father! A true symbol of struggle and resistance!

My father Haji Mehrullah Khan Pattan (1936-2021) was born in 1936 in Shaldara, Quetta once part of Afghanistan (before 1893) then India (1893-1947) and now Pakistan. He would usually tell us that he was born a year after the devastating earthquake of 1935 of Quetta which destroyed the whole city as people at that time…

Why Danish Parliament should consider Education as Full Time Job as part of the new bill?

According to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science Denmark, 80% of the foreign graduates from Danish universities leave Denmark after two years of their graduation. It is probably because of the uncertainty around settling down in Denmark. One of the recent studies of Aarhus University Professor found that immigration rules in Denmark are changed after every…

Cycle March for Health and Environment around Denmark

Cycling has for long benefited human beings with their health, fitness and as a transportation mode. It has helped maintain a environmentally friendly society. Denmark is usually crowned as world best country for cycling with over 12,000km of cycle routes, along with dedicated cycling lanes, cycle bridges and Green Wave system which prioritise cyclists at…


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