Human Rights activist, Socially active and Politically observant

I am Naqeeb Khan, a research graduate in Human Resources Development from University of Glasgow, Scotland living in Denmark. A writer and human rights activists. In particular, I have been writing and campaigning for immigrants rights in Denmark and politically active in Danish politics since 2014. I write articles and present immigrants case to Danish politicians and parliament. I preside Green Human Resources, an organisation for protecting the rights of skilled immigrants in Denmark. I am executive member and Spokesperson of Danish Green Card Association (DGCA) and Voice for Justice, Denmark.

The idea of designing a website like this has been around for some time but during the Corona lockdown, I finally give it a go. Although I am not a web designer but after watching web designing tutorials, I finally came up with the current version and I am maintaining it myself. I use this forum to highlight various human rights issues especially issues concerning immigrants in Denmark. I write regarding immigrations laws and connect immigrants with the Danish politicians and parliament. I have been writing articles for various newspaper in Denmark on number of issues since 2016 including Green Card Scheme Denmark, Permanent Residency laws, Family Reunification laws, EU and Non-EU students issues, education as full time work etc.

I have made presentations to Danish Parliamentary Committee on Immigration number of times and met politicians providing them feedback and recommendations regarding various immigrations laws.

I can be contacted via email.