No mercy for foreign workers who lost their jobs amid Corona crisis: Work or Leave Denmark, Social Democrat replied

Social Democrats leave no option for immigrants after corona crisis. Work even if you are corona positive or leave the country. Photo: Niels Christian Vilmann/Ritzau Scanpix

Foreign workers are supposed to show an annual income and continuous work if they desire to continue their stay in Denmark or apply for family reunification or permanent residency permit. After the Corona crisis, thousands of workers were fired from their jobs and thus are unable to fulfil these requirements. These laid off workers are not even eligible for Government Corona help package. Those who are getting the compensation are also not fulfilling the income requirement as the compensation amount is much less than the required income.

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Since the start of Corona crisis, foreign workers have been asking for a relief as many lost their jobs. Right after the lockdown was announced, immigrants wrote to the ruling party, Social Democrats MPs and Ministry of Immigration and Integration to announce a dispensation of work and income requirement for visa extension, family reunification and Permanent residency applications. Immigrants also wrote to other political parties in the parliament like Enhedslisten, Radikale Venstre, Venstre Party, SP and Alternative. Enhedslisten and Radikale venstre came out loud to support foreign workers and asked the ruling Social Democrats and Minister Mattias Tesfaye to waive income and work requirements during this lockdown.

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In the beginning, Minister of Immigration and Integration replied to MPs request that he does not see any logic for changing the rules. Immigrants thus started an online petition to ask for dispensation of work and income requirements during these corona crisis for visa extension and Permanent residency application. The petition has almost 2200 signatories. The petition explained as how foreign workers have been hit by corona crisis and thus can not fulfil the income and work requirements.

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With all the appeals from various rights groups, political parties and thousands of immigrants, Social Democrat MPs and ministry of immigration and integration continue to show no mercy to foreign workers despite this global pandemic. They are told to continue work and show required income despite the corona lockdown.

This means that immigrants who desire to stay in Denmark must continue work and show income even if they are corona positive. Immigrants who have been living in Denmark and fulfilling every requirement will only be sent back home because they are laid off from work due to corona crisis. Though corona crisis has indiscriminately hit everyone but immigrant workers are the one who are hit twice, once by coronavirus and than by the Danish Govt.

In a written reply to Naqeeb Khan request for dispensation of income and work requirements during these crisis, ministry of immigration and integration writes, “Dispensation from this income requirement due to the COVID-19 situation cannot be granted, even if you have been sent home without salary and laid off from your job.”

Here is the complete reply of Ministry

The above reply is to Naqeeb Khan first email to ministry which he sent on 19th of March. Later on 27th April another email long the online petition was sent to ministry and number of parliament members. Ministry is yet to reply to immigrants online petition.

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