Danish Govt demand immigrants to show annual income or be ready for deportation despite corona lockdown

Despite the lockdown and economic crisis amend corona crisis, Danish Govt continue to demand
immigrants to show annual income or be ready for deportation. Photo: Christoffer Laursen Hald / TV 2 NYHEDERNE

Corona Crisis has lockdown the whole world and businesses are falling apart. Thousands of employees have lost their jobs over night and hundreds of companies have filed bankruptcy. Denmark is no different and businesses are going down while employees are fired. Danish govt announced a much needed package but immigrants will continue to suffer as there is no relief for migrant workers. They rather face deportation despite the current global pandemic.

Denmark Corona Crisis: Immigrants continue to suffer despite Govt package

In a new move, Ministry of Integration has announced through the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) that there will be no mercy on those who lost their jobs because of the corona crisis. If immigrants want to stay in Denmark they have to show the required annual income.

Dispensation from income requirement due to the COVID-19 situation cannot be granted, even if you have been sent home without salary or laid off from your job, says the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI).

It is obvious that these immigrants can not find jobs during these crisis and will not be able to fulfil income and work requirement. Thus they will be deported and punished for something that has nothing to do with them. On one side Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen request people to stay home and lock their business while on the other side demand from immigrants to show income otherwise face deportation. It is a clear sign of injustice and no mercy especially in the midst of this global pandemic.

Denmark: Corona Virus economic crisis may result in thousands of immigrants losing their work permits

One of the immigrants who got an email on 30th March from his company that the company has filled bankruptcy and he will not be getting even the March salary for which he has worked. His visa extension is due in June. In current crisis, it will be almost impossible for him to find a new job and fulfil income requirement. His request from govt is to waive the income and work requirement for at least 3 months so that at least he can extend his stay in Denmark where he has been living for over 5 years along his 2 daughters.

Naqeeb Khan is a research graduate of the University of Glasgow, Scotland and currently resides in Denmark. He is president of Green Human Resources and an executive member with the Danish Green Card Association (DGCA). He can be contacted via email.

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  1. my employer also said the contract is ended with the company and I lost my job although I am a student I have to pay a lot fees


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